Perthshire Biofuels are specialists

Perthshire Biofuels are specialists in biomass heating for the home. We choose only the best boilers and use our experience, skills and integrity to ensure that the biomass heating system you choose for your home is the right one for you. We install solar thermal systems too, designed to work seamlessly with your biomass boiler to provide hot water throughout the year. Our aim is to create successful renewable heating systems which go on delivering year after year after year. Start your journey to a new warm future…

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Why Biofuel? – Burn Wood for Bigger Profits!

Cottage or Castle – we all need to heat our homes, and this heat comes at a price. If you are not on mains gas the price is high and forever spiralling higher. Biomass heating not only makes your home greener, but also cheaper to heat and in the near future will also put money back your pocket.

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Can biomass heating work for me?

Perthshire Biofuels help you make the right choices, working with you to select the best boiler and fuel storage option for your home and lifestyle. Full automation from the wonderful Ökofen Pellematic system, or more hands on with the Palazzetti stove range of boilers. We work out what your options are and clearly explain the costs involved.

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